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Did You Know Zello Can Be Used with Hearing Aids?

  Frankly, we never did until one industrious 16-year-old came across our radar last March. Zello has always strived to be fully blind-accessible, and we have many users who are visually impaired and ...

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Russia Blocks Zello

This evening, Russia blocked Zello. This action follows a notice we received last week from the Russian regulator Roskomnadzor that Zello is not in compliance with a law that governs information distr...

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Zello Celebrates 100 Million Users!

It took us almost 9 years to do it, but Zello registered users now exceed 100,000,000! We are very proud and excited about this achievement and want to share it with our Zello fans. Without the suppor...

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Now talk with your voice and pictures

Today’s update lets you share your voice and pictures -- instantly. Try it with your contacts now, next month the feature is coming to live Zello channels. Zello is the best place for live voice conve...

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Zello@Work Announcements

New Admin Console feature to view user status

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iPhone app version 1.4

Today's Zello iPhone 1.4 update has a few improvements:

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Tex/Alerts for Zello Blackberry Live

Get Zello for Blackberry version 1.23 from Appworld.

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Text/Alerts for Zello Android Live

Get today's Zello for Android update, version 1.27

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Alert, Swipe Contact, Rename - iPhone update

Get the latest Zello from iTunes now for these improvements:

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