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Personal Phones at Work? Yes!

Even though everyone owns a smartphone, retail employers have strict “No Use” policies regarding them. We all know people get around these rules, but not always to play games or text friends. It’s oft...

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Improving Landfill Operations with ZelloWork Push-to-Talk

We just got back from Baltimore, where we attended the co-located Solid Waste Association of North America’s WASTECON and the International Solid Waste Association World Congress.

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Ad Hoc Channels, for Impromptu Connections

My last few posts have been about Channels, ZelloWork's mechanism for supporting group communications. I've already covered three Channel types, Team, Dynamic and Hidden Channels. Today's post is abou...

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ZelloWork Supports Several Channel Types

In my last post I pointed out that push-to-talk radios and push-to-talk apps are very different animals. Apps are software, which frees them from many of the limitations of a dedicated hardware device...

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ZelloWork Channels

What's one big difference between 2-way radios and the ZelloWork push-to-talk app for work teams? That's easy. It's Channels.

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Schools and ZelloWork PTT: a good fit

In the wake of the storms of September we've experienced significant growth in adoption of  ZelloWork, our push-to-talk solution for work teams. We've been especially intrigued by the uptick in school...

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Look for ZelloWork at the Rose Parade

Events and conference sponsors are migrating from radios to modern, versatile push-to-talk apps, and this has created a lot of opportunities for ZelloWork. But we're especially proud of one of our new...

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Waste Management and Push-to-Talk: A Good Fit

ZelloWork, our push-to-talk solution for work teams, has seen a lot of adoption by waste management organizations recently. We're delighted to have them as clients, of course, but we're also intereste...

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Location Tracking Shows Where ZelloWork Users Are, and Where They've Been

Location Tracking is a new feature that enhances the value of our push-to-talk solution for many ZelloWork customers. Now, anyone using the administrator console can have a map view of ZelloWork users...

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Ad Hoc Channels, for Impromptu Group Conversations

ZelloWork Channels are great for push-to-talk (PTT) communications between members of the same departments or levels of staff within your company. They are permanent, and user settings are easily mana...

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