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New Profile Pictures for ZelloWork

You spoke, and we listened! One of the most popular feature requests from our customers is to add ways for their users to customize Zello. So, we are happy to announce the introduction of NEW profile ...

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Top 10 Reasons Businesses Buy Zello

Zello is the leading push to talk mobile app and service for businesses with workers away from the desk, in the field, and on the road. Employees' devices, like smart phones and tablets, act like walk...

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Zello Business Feature: Emergency Alerts

With Emergency Alerts, team members simply press a button to send an audio recording and their location with high priority to a designated emergency channel. This immediately shares the nature and loc...

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5 Reasons for Zello + Network Radios

At Zello, we are committed to maintaining our leadership in push-to-talk by teaming with a variety of device partners. Though Zello is most commonly used on consumer devices like smartphones, we are e...

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How to Scale Hotel Communication

The Problem: "We need a flexible, push-to-talk app & business service" Equipping hotel staff with traditional walkie talkies is so expensive. And good luck finding the same make and model five years d...

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Zello Business Feature: Crosslink

Zello is a versatile voice communication platform for distributed work teams. Today the Zello push-to-talk app and business service empowers organizations in over 60 countries make instant, reliable, ...

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Can Zello Prevent Forest Fires?

John Marcel of Concord, New Hampshire calls himself a Fire Buff. “That’s my hobby, my career, and pretty much my life—just ask my wife, she’ll tell you,” says Marcel. Outside of his career at Concord ...

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Zello Business Feature: Dynamic Channels

Dynamic Channels resemble 2-way radio channels in the way they are used. Any member of a Dynamic Channel can connect to it or disconnect from it as easily as changing frequencies on a radio. This make...

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