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Todd Calvert
December 14, 2021

Zello Celebrates 10 Years With a New Look

10 years of Zello. 3,650 days of supporting the frontline. 87,600 hours championing the power of the human voice. 5,256,000 minutes of neighbors helping neighbors.  315,569,260 life-saving seconds. 10 years can be measured in numerous ways, but only one really matters—how much we’ve helped the world get stuff done.

ill-tough-tech-00@2xOver the past ten years, Zello has taken on many different forms, from a social radio connecting people and causes around the world over dynamic channels to the go-to tool for frontline workers. Zello has helped rescuers communicate, coordinate, and provide reassurance to miners trapped deep below the earth in a collapsed mine in Chilé. We’ve been there through many natural disasters, connecting neighbors to neighbors as they provide warm blankets, sustenance, and boat rides through flooded neighborhoods to their fellow neighbors. We’ve helped communities organize for social justice. And every day, we help frontline workers from industries like emergency response, construction, retail, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare communicate critical information that keeps their jobs, and by default, our world, running. 

Through the years our product has evolved to serve the needs of the frontline. Our branding, however, has yet to adapt to reflect where we’ve ended up on a product level, and why we come to work every day.  That changes today as we launch our redesigned brand.

The new branding is a reflection of how our customers view us not as a piece of software, but as a tool at the top of their toolbox, a companion on the long road home, and a representation of the values behind good, honest, hard work. We made a conscious effort to make our new app icon look like a tool you could hold in your hand, and our new logo to look like it belongs alongside the tough, dependable, and precise tools our customers use every day.

ill-get-started-00@2xOne of the things I’m proudest of in all of the growth Zello has experienced over the past ten years is the development of the Zello for First Responders program, which gives our Zello Work enterprise product away for free to all qualifying first responder organizations. Like our new branding, it’s an example of planting our flag in the landscape of work that matters. We stand behind, beside, and with the frontline. Workers that don’t sit behind a desk keep our world moving. 

The thread that has always run through everything we do is empowering the human voice. We're honored to be the number one solution for doing just that.

So, here’s to 10 years of bringing voice to millions. Here’s to 10 years of being there when courage demands a voice. Here’s to 10 years of hard, relentless work that makes the world run just a little bit better. Here’s to 10 years of Zello. Thanks for doing the important work we get to be a vital part of. We’re proud of where we’ve been, and we’re excited for where we’re going—together. With you.