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Raphael Varieras
April 11, 2019

Zello Walkie Talkie Channels

All About Zello's Walkie Talkie Channels

Most people know Zello as an app that turns their smartphones, tablets, and PCs into a walkie-talkie. With Zello, you can talk to your family, friends, and colleagues instantly without dialing a phone number. It’s faster and safer than texting, and it doesn’t use phone minutes. Zello is often thought as just another messaging walkie-talkie type app. But there is one unique feature in Zello that sets it apart from other messaging apps... It’s a feature called “channels.”


What are channels? Well, some people liken them to big IRC channel chat rooms or CB radio channels. But there are big differences between Zello channels and these platforms. No other messaging app has a feature comparable to channels. It's a feature that is probably ahead of its time, but more users are discovering its power to reach people globally in a matter of seconds.

Zello channels are not messaging group chats. Typically, so-called "group chat” apps are not chats at all. That is, you are not "chatting" (talking) to other people. Instead, you are texting to other people. Also, these group chats are usually limited to people who know each other or have been invited. Even if voice-based, messaging group chats are often limited to recordings of voice messages being queued and sent one at a time. Zello channels go beyond the capabilities of most messaging apps:

How does a Zello Channel Differ from Messaging Group Chats?

  • It’s instant, live voice. It’s spontaneous communication, not recorded messages
  • You can remain anonymous (or not)
  • Anyone can create or join a channel in minutes
  • Channels are permanent until deleted by the owner (creator)
  • There are no distance limitations – talk to people around the corner or across the world
  • No special equipment needed – just use your smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • No FCC license needed
  • Up to 10,000 users can be active at any time on a channel; unlimited inactive users.
  • Channels can be public, pre-approved only, or private by using various privacy settings
  • Channels are ad-free and spam free
  • Abundance of moderation tools to block or deal with “trolls”
  • All conversations are recorded to channel history for later replay and sharing
  • You can create an unlimited number of channels
  • And most importantly, it's FREE to use!

The power in channels lies in its unique ability to bring vast numbers of people together quickly to one central communications space. People who do not know each other and live thousands of miles apart can instantly band together to communicate and coordinate. It’s rather like having your own public radio station. You control the content, who is allowed to participate, and when you broadcast. You can send channel alerts to subscribers to alert them about upcoming events on the channel. You can also share images and text messages on the channels.

Channels can literally change peoples' lives. Since Zello’s launch in 2012, many channels have been used to accomplish things not normally possible without a major communications network or specialized equipment. Zello users have used channels to foster life-long friendships and facilitate positive changes in their communities. We want to showcase a few of these channels, in the hope that it inspires you to create your own channel and do some amazing things...


Popular Zello Channels

Here is just a sampling of the types of channels that can be found on Zello now, with examples of notable channels highlighted. Search for them at Zello Channels and check them out.

Social Radio: Entertainment and information channels to pass time and meet people
  • Ring of Fire
  • Nonstop Talk
  • The Survival Podcast Network
  • Scoopfm
  • Trucker channels
  • Uber and Lyft channels
  • Faith-based channels
Political Action/Social Causes: Open platforms for free and un-censored political discussion
  • Venezuela Hasta los Tuetanos
  • Venezuela..Libre
  • Journalist channels

Public Safety and Information: Community watch groups, traffic and emergency information

  • Centurion Concerned Citizens
  • Witbank 911
  • Red Emergencias Biobio Chile
  • Radio Emergencia
  • DriveGp.
  • Airport parking channels
  • Storm trackers and severe weather
  • Search and rescue

Volunteer Causes: Bringing community together for good causes

  • CajunNavy
  • UK Star Bikers
  • Charity events

Gamers and Hobbyists: Channels for people with common hobbies and interests

  • Infinite Flight Pilots
  • Ingress anomaly events
  • Car club channels
  • Fishing tournaments
  • Paragliding
  • Cycling clubs

If you have a unique channel that is making a difference in people's lives, we'd love to hear about it! Drop us a note on Facebook with a link to your channel.

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