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Walkie talkies and the military

Since 2010, we've been honored to work with Advanced Ground Information Systems on one of the most "classic" uses for push-to-talk: a first responder/military application called "LifeRing." Using Zell...

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PrimeFlight Aviation and Zello PTT -- Come fly with us!

Ever landed in San Francisco International Airport?

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Penn State Emergency and the Low-Frequency Voodoo

When we rebranded in December, we thought Zello was a pretty great name. It was fun. It was accessible. It rhymed with Jell-O.  But Brian Bittner and Penn State Emergency are giving us a run for our m...

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Measuring push-to-talk speed with an iPad

Fellow guerrilla mobile marketeers may appreciate this low-cost setup for watching  mobile apps.

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Zello vs Loudtalks Products

Loudtalks is now Zello. As explained in Hello, Zello, we revamped everything including the products and pricing. Here we share why a few product alignment changes .

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Big list of names (3 of 3)

After reading [Hello, Zello], some of you wanted to know what names we looked at before deciding on Zello. Here’s the entire list of names for your reading pleasure. Ready? Be warned … over 1000 names...

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Ze-logo (2 of 3)

After weeks of brainstorming, narrowing and testing, we had a company name everyone loved. Now, we needed to claim online identities. First step was the domain. We contacted the owner of, a ...

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Say hello to Zello. How we picked the name (1 of 3)

Why change? The team agreed it was time to scale the company and Loudtalks didn’t fit the brand we wanted to create. Not enough people smiled when we said, “Loudtalks.”   Changing names is messy and m...

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