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New Admin Console feature to view user status

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Loudtalks Cloud 1.2 and service pricing update

Today we have published a major update to Loudtalks Cloud client software -- version 1.2.

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Loudtalks SDK update, breaking changes

We just published a major update of Loudtalks push-to-talk SDK. Some interfaces were renamed so you will need to make minor changes to your code to recompile it with the new version of the SDK.

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Loudtalks SDK update

The new version of Loudtalks SDK, is available for download.

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Loudtalks Cloud graduates from beta

A little more than a year after public beta launch, a dozen of releases, and a hundred of fixed bugs later Loudtalks Cloud is now officially out of beta.

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Loudtalks server API

We've made available to the developers the official Loudtalks server API. It works with Loudtalks Mesh and Loudtalks Cloud and allows you to manage users and channels from your application. Using serv...

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New in Loudtalks Cloud -- dynamic channels & remote configuration

With Loudtalks Cloud update published yesterday we introduced two new features and numerous improvements, which worth some explanation. These are dynamic channels and clients remote configuration from...

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Loudtalks Lite

Yesterday we've released a major Loudtalks update. It's significant as it introduces major improvements to sound quality and the brand new voice-controlled hands-free operation mode. Here are the rele...

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Announcing Loudtalks Cloud

Today we are introducing the new product in the Loudtalks family. It's Loudtalks Cloud -- a managed push-to-talk service for companies and groups. So what is it and how is it different from Loudtalks?

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