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Getting help in Houston floods

August 28, 2017

Update 09/04: If you used Zello during Harvey please take a moment to give us feedback, which would help making Zello better.

If you or someone you know needs to be rescued in the Houston area please use the following resources:

Phone numbers:

  • 911
  • 281-464-4851  (US Coast Guard -- 5 lines below)
  • 281-464-4852
  • 281-464-4853
  • 281-464-4854
  • 281-464-4855
  • 318-224-2984 (Cajun Navy Relief dispatch text + voicemail) -- request help directly from Cajun Navy volunteers

Zello channels (get the app to connect):

When submitting your request for the rescue clearly state:

  • The complete address of the rescue location, and any information which would help rescuers finding you
  • Contact phone number and your name
  • Number of people needing help and their condition

Zello channels are experiencing high traffic so the easiest way to get your information through is to write it down and send a picture to the channel.


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