Walkie talkies and the military

By Alexey Gavrilov on April 20, 2012

Zello push-to-talk: faster than a hopping kangaroo

Since 2010, we’ve been honored to work with Advanced Ground Information Systems on one of the most “classic” uses for push-to-talk: a first responder/military application called “LifeRing.” Using Zello’s stellar SDK/API, LifeRing combines PTT, GPS and an impenetrable data bubble to make an app that’s not only lifesaving – but extremely cool.

How does a military app work anyway?

That’s classified information. No, really… it is. What we can tell you is that AGIS’ CEO Cap Beyer describes the LifeRing system as, “a map-­‐based world,” in which each of AGIS’ key features is tied to its GPS function. For instance, a military officer has the ability to silently direct his troops by drawing an arrow on his own LifeRing map.

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