Star Trek Communicator sounds in Loudtalks

By Alexey Gavrilov on September 26, 2009

Are you a Start Trek fan? Do you know that you can feel like on the bridge of USS “Enterprise” with a little customization of Loudtalks, which would turn your phone into Star Trek Communicator. Here is how:

  1. Go to and download startrek.wav and startrek2.wav sounds to your PC or mobile phone
  2. If you downloading to the phone, make sure to put them into ‘My Documents’ folder so that the app can find them
  3. If you are using desktop version of Loudtalks go to step 4), mobile — step 5)
  4. Open Options (via Tools > Options… menu) and activate Control tab, go to step 6
  5. Open Options (via Menu > Options… menu) and activate Control tab
  6. Set “New conversation alert” checkbox, then click “Change…” button, browse for startrek2.wav file and click Open
  7. Next to “Clear to send alert” checkbox, then click “Change…” button, browse for startrek.wav file and click Open
  8. Use “Test” button to verify that the sounds are loaded, click “OK” to close Options dialog and enjoy!

New in Loudtalks Cloud — dynamic channels & remote configuration

By Alexey Gavrilov on September 26, 2009

With Loudtalks Cloud update published yesterday we introduced two new features and numerous improvements, which worth some explanation. These are dynamic channels and clients remote configuration from the admin console.

Dynamic channels

Now when configuring a channel in the admin console, you can choose from using group channel and dynamic channel.

Dynamic channels have a different icon and work differently too.

  1. Unlike group channels, when you add it to the user, only that channel (and not its users) is added to user’s contacts
  2. You can connect and disconnect the channel from the client software in real time by double-click (tap) on the channel name. That way you can easily skip the conversations, which are not relevant at the moment
  3. Since dynamic channels don’t “pollute” your contact list, they could potentially scale well beyond 100 users per channel so you can use it for broadcast to really large groups of users which was impossible before.

Along with the introduction of dynamic channels concept the group channels operations was also seriously redesigned. Both group and dynamic channels now include the following features:

  1. For messages received from a channel, the channel name along with sender name appear in the notification window (only user name appeared previously)
  2. Channels now have their own history display
  3. When the new message is received from a channel after a period of inactivity (“new conversation” event), the channel is selected in the contacts instead of a user
  4. Call setup time for one-to-many calls is faster than before and consistently under 1 second
  5. There is a grace time of 10 seconds for every message sent to the channel. During that time the person speaking couldn’t be interrupted. That solves the issue when many people start speaking simultaneously but still allows to interrupt someone, who took over the channel for too long.

Clients remote configuration

If you are running a large network, you may face the problem of manual configuration of every device, which could be troublesome. With remote configuration feature the network admin can setup certain client options for all users right from the web console.

Right now we enabled the configuration of automatic updates, auto-away and voice quality.

Voice quality configuration wasn’t available before and now you can select one of standard profiles or go real hardcore and modify raw codec options. This might be especially useful if you are using Loudtalks over the satellite internet (where traffic is extremely expensive).

If you haven’t tried Loudtalks Cloud yet, go ahead and try it now. It’s free!

Loudtalks Lite

By Alexey Gavrilov on September 26, 2009

We just released the new version of Loudtalks Lite.

Release notes:


– Added back “Noise suppression” option — in the most cases you’ll want this on, however if you are using a noise cancelling microphone or USB Speakerphone like Polycom C100 turning it off may improve sound quality

Windows Mobile

– Unattended mode support. Now if you have Loudtalks running and press Power button the device doesn’t go to sleep but goes into unattended mode, with minimal power requirements yet allowing you to stay online and receive incoming transmissions.

– Fixed “Microphone error” bug, which showed on some devices after sending the first message

The update will be delivered through automatic updates today or you can download it manually now:

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile