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Star Trek Communicator sounds in Loudtalks

September 26, 2009

Are you a Start Trek fan? Do you know that you can feel like on the bridge of USS "Enterprise" with a little customization of Loudtalks, which would turn your phone into Star Trek Communicator. Here is how:

  1. Go to and download startrek.wav and startrek2.wav sounds to your PC or mobile phone
  2. If you downloading to the phone, make sure to put them into 'My Documents' folder so that the app can find them
  3. If you are using desktop version of Loudtalks go to step 4), mobile -- step 5)
  4. Open Options (via Tools > Options... menu) and activate Control tab, go to step 6
  5. Open Options (via Menu > Options... menu) and activate Control tab
  6. Set "New conversation alert" checkbox, then click "Change..." button, browse for startrek2.wav file and click Open
  7. Next to "Clear to send alert" checkbox, then click "Change..." button, browse for startrek.wav file and click Open
  8. Use "Test" button to verify that the sounds are loaded, click "OK" to close Options dialog and enjoy!

Topics: fun

Written by Alexey Gavrilov


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