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Meet Team Zello: CTO Alex Gavrilov

This is a continuation of our “Meet Team Zello” series, putting a spotlight on the leadership and team members who have made Zello push-to-talk (PTT) the most widely-used and highest rated walkie-talk...

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Meet Team Zello: CEO Bill Moore

Behind every successful app has to be a great team. So, today we are excited to begin a series of “Meet Team Zello” articles where you will get to know the leadership and team behind Zello and ZelloWo...

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Zello's Year in Review: 2017

The Zello mobile app for personal use saw meteoric growth during the fall's various natural disasters. We were overwhelmed - emotionally, not technically - with the scale of Zello's adoption and the u...

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Russia Blocks Zello

On April 13, 2017, Russia blocked Zello. This action follows a notice we received from the Russian regulator, Roskomnadzor, that Zello is not in compliance with a law that governs information distribu...

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О возможной блокировке Zello в России

Важное обновление: 12 апреля 2017 в 23:30 интернет-провайдеры в России начали блокирование Zello. О перебоях в работе приложения сообщайте через канал в Телеграм:

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Zello Celebrates 100 Million Users

Zello Celebrates 100 Million Users It took us almost 9 years to do it, but Zello registered users now exceed 100,000,000! We are very proud and excited about this achievement and want to share it with...

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What We Almost Named Zello

What We Almost Named Zello Many people ask what other names we considered before deciding on "Zello."  Here's the list, with over 1000 names, of what Zello almost was... The List of Names Bip 3  2alk ...

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