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8 Reasons to Replace Radios with Zello

Zello is a better alternative to traditional push-to-talk (PTT) 2-way radios for these reasons:

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Keeping Retail Relevant

We’ve all experienced customer self-service kiosks at our local grocery store checkout. Now, some retailers like Amazon are working to take that model to the next level with concept stores like Amazon...

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Keeping Brick and Mortar Stores Relevant

Brick-and-Mortar Stores vs Online Shopping The rise of eCommerce giants like Amazon and Ebay has sent noticeable shockwaves in the brick and mortar retail industry. With Amazon on track to be the firs...

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Free Trial of Zello PTT Business Service

Zello is the leading push to talk app and business service for businesses with employees in the field, on the road, and away from the desk. It is a subscription-based offering, and it is easy for newc...

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Zello Business Feature: Team Channels

Zello is the leading push to talk app and business service with support for group channels. It offers much more versatility around channels than do 2-way radios. In particular, Zello supports various ...

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How Zello Simplifies Waste Management

Zello, our push-to-talk solution for work teams, has seen a lot of adoption by waste management organizations recently. We're delighted to have them as clients, of course, but we're also interested in...

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Letting Employees Use Phones at Work

Even though everyone owns a smartphone, retail employers have strict “No Use” policies regarding cell phones at work. We all know people get around these rules, but not always to play games or text fr...

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Improving Church Security with Zello

The Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies (NFSBS) MIT Podcast discusses topics related to technology in church operations. MIT stands for “Ministry Involving Technology.” MIT podcasts are hoste...

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Interview with AINA Wireless: Creator of PTT Voice Responder

We sat down with Maximilian LeRoux, founder and CEO of AINA Wireless, a Finland-based push to talk accessory startup. AINA's first product, the AINA PTT Voice Responder, a Bluetooth-enabled PTT access...

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