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How Zello Protects Penn State Students

Brian Bittner, with Penn State Emergency division, refer to Zello as “the Low-Frequency Voodoo” (“L-F-V” for short). As Bittner explains, it's “because it is magic that we can talk through our compute...

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Why Sporting Events Need Zello

Zello push-to-talk (PTT) is the perfect communications solution for many sporting events, as it's easy to coordinate large groups of people who are scattered about a stadium or race course. Channels a...

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How to Use Accessories with Zello

Zello understands that many people use push-to-talk (PTT) in their line of work and not all of our customers are in quiet offices. Many are out in the field, subject to environmental conditions that m...

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Zello Business Feature: Ad Hoc Channels

Zello Channels are great for push-to-talk (PTT) communications between members of the same departments or levels of staff within your company. They are permanent, and user settings are easily managed ...

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Zello Business Feature: Location Tracking

Location Tracking is a feature that enhances the value of our push-to-talk solution for many Zello customers. Now, anyone using the administrator console can have a map view of Zello users' locations ...

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How to Use Zello PTT Business Channels

What's one big difference between 2-way radios and the Zello push-to-talk app for work teams? That's easy. It's Channels.

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How Zello Saves Lives on the Battlefield

We've been honored to work with Advanced Ground Information Systems on one of the most classic uses for push-to-talk: a first responder/military application called "LifeRing." Using Zello's stellar SD...

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How Zello Saves Lives on Campus

With the media focus on school shootings during the last two decades, schools are increasingly concerned with security and communications on school campuses. Conventional means of communications betwe...

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How to Select Your Company's Name

In 2012, we decided it was time to scale the company and that our name at the time,  "Loudtalks," didn’t fit the brand we wanted to create. Not enough people smiled when we said, “Loudtalks.” But chan...

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