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February 8, 2018

Earlier this week, we launched a new version of, our company and product website. 

The previous version of the site pre-dated ZelloWork, our push-to-talk solution for work teams. As a result, it was sometimes hard for people to grasp our full story or find the content that was intended for them.

The new site gives us a chance to tell all of our stories, equally effectively. And it makes it easier for our various audiences to navigate to the content that is intended for them.

The new home page tells the company story. We are a company that is dedicated to breaking down barriers to human conversation, including cost, distance, censorship, or limited infrastructure.

The balance of the site is devoted to Zello, our free consumer app, and ZelloWork, our paid solution for the 60% of the workforce that doesn't work at a desk. And for these two audiences, the site offers what I describe as two clearly lighted paths. In fact, the site's main navigation has only two links: Personal and Work

On the Work side of the site we've added a new Content page, where you can find white papers, webinars, how-to articles and similar resources. There's a mix of thing there, from basic overviews to more detailed instruction and best practices. We've already added a few things to this page since we went live, so if you're interested in our work product visit this page often.

So, take a look at the new And let me know what you think. Drop your comments below.


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