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Raphael Varieras
April 01, 2019

Why You Need Zello on Vacations

Are you hitting the slopes soon with your ski buddies? Then don’t forget to take Zello, too - Zello, the best walkie talkie for skiing, can make your next ski vacation a lot more fun and safe! With over 120 million users, Zello is the most popular free walkie-talkie app in the world. Unlike other “walkie-talkie” apps that merely record messages, Zello voice messages are live and recorded. Zello makes coordinating your ski trip a breeze.

Many people take to the road on their ski trips, driving in caravans with family and friends. Zello is perfect for caravan talk. Want to alert your travel mates you need to take a potty break or grab a bite to eat? Just Zello them or use the group alert feature to send a persistent and loud audio alert with text. In addition to voice and text messaging, you can also send pictures to save your memories of the ski trip. The best part is you can replay the entire conversation at any time, so you won’t miss a thing if you take a snooze along the way.

Creating a group conversation is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with friends and family. Before creating a group, each member can download and create a new Zello account first. This is a simple process of providing a username, email, phone number, and optional picture. One person can then create the group conversation and add all the Zello contacts who are going on the trip. You should see them in your Contacts > Add Contact > Address Book or you can search for their Zello username.

Once the group is created, anyone who is connected and in “Available” status can speak to the group. All the other members will hear the conversation in real time. If you want to mute audio and archive any message sent to you, you can change your status to “Busy”. You will receive vibrate, text, and audio alerts whenever a message is received. Also, a red missed message counter is added next to the group’s name on the Recents list.

Zello is a Ski Walkie Talkie Built for Safety

Zello also makes your ski trip a lot safer. Whether your friends are ski lodge hermits, bunny slopers, or downhill racers, you can keep in touch with all of them simultaneously. As long as there is Internet service using either WiFi or data, Zello has no distance limits. If anyone has an unfriendly encounter with a tree, rock, or another skier, they can use Zello to summon help. Group members can use our group alert, image, and location sharing features to quickly locate skiers in need and send help on the way.

Zello Walkie Talkie App vs Bulky Two Way Radios

Bringing along walkie talkies for ski trips is a good idea, but bulky two way radios are just extra snow gear you have to carry down the mountain. We have a myriad of wired and Bluetooth accessories that work great with Zello. Some will allow you to use Zello's walkie talkie app with ski gloves on and the phone parked in your parka. Or you can buy one of the many rugged phones we support or has Zello preloaded. These phones are built for harsh outdoor conditions and keep you safe and connected while skiing, hiking, and trekking.

Why Zello is the Best Walkie Talkie for Skiing 

1. Real-time voice messages are faster than texts

In the great outdoors, accidents happen. Having access to instant communication is crucial during emergencies. There is less chance of misunderstanding what a person says over Zello versus texting.

2. Push-to-Talk voice messaging is safer than texting

 Zello supports wired and wireless accessories to allow hands-free use of Zello to eliminate distractions and accidents. We also have VOX voice-activated messaging available on Android and Windows PC.

3. Zello doesn't take up any space

Forget bulky two way radios and having to carry extra snow gear. Zello turns your mobile into a walkie talkie app small enough to fit in a coat pocket.

4. Zello is the most popular walkie-talkie app in the world

With over 125 million users. Zello is the highest rated walkie talkie app in Google Play (4.4 with over 705K reviews) and the App Store (4.6 with over 7800 reviews).

5. Zello is free

Take advantage of using Zello for free without ads or spam. Zello runs on virtually all iOS, Android, or Windows PC devices, using Internet via WiFi or any carrier data network. Download our walkie talkie app to see for yourself!

So don’t Zello's walkie talkie app for skiing and get your group created now. Play around with it, master walkie-talkie lingo, and have it running in time for your next ski trip.

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