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Using Zello for Event Planning Communications

June 22, 2018

The trade magazine EVENTMB did a really thorough review of ZelloWork for event planning communications. We are reposting it here, as it provides a good summary of Zello features which makes event communications more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective. 

Trying to coordinate event staff who may be scattered throughout a convention hall, campus, or off-site is challenging using two-way radios. Radios are often limited by distance and obstructed transmissions.Two-way radios are bulky, expensive, and get lost or are unused. There is no history or playback on radios.You cannot easily create or manage groups. 

Because of these and other limitations, many event planners are ditching their radios and turning to ZelloWork instead. Two recent events powered by ZelloWork communications were HubSpot's INBOUND and Cisco Live! conventions.

Learn how ZelloWork can help at your next event by trying our free 30-day, 10-user trial at

Full review from EVENTMB:

Written by Nancy


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