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Zach Brusewitz
May 26, 2021

Tips for Communicating Clearly on Zello

When using a push-to-talk service such as Zello, it’s important to follow the rules and be respectful so that everyone can have the best time. Whether you are using Zello to communicate with friends and family around the world, talking to members of a club you’re in, or collaborating at work, users must ensure that they are following the terms that they have agreed to so that they can get the most out of our service—even when chatting privately.


One-to-One Communication

With a push-to-talk app like Zello, you can communicate with the push of a button. When contacting other users directly, it’s important that you note their status and make sure that they are available and not set to busy. When chatting with someone who is available, always let them finish speaking before you jump in. Once you're done talking, make sure you let your friend know or change your status to indicate you are no longer available. You could even try coming up with an official sign off to let your friends know you will be off the app.

Using the Appropriate Channels

Looking for a wider community of people to talk to? Zello makes it easy to participate in conversations that revolve around a specific topic. When you join a channel, make sure to stick to the theme and follow any rules the channel may have. Some common ones include waiting your turn to speak and using appropriate language. And remember, if you cannot find a channel that suits your interests, you can always create your own and invite others to join.

Respecting Others

No matter who you’re talking to or what kind of channel you’re in, it’s important to be respectful above all else. Listen to others and value their opinions. You can do this by being empathetic and constructive with your responses. It is also important to foster an inclusive environment. This will be the best way to ensure that everyone feels confident speaking up and contributing to conversations. Try asking questions when you are unsure of things, and choose your words carefully so as not to offend anyone.

Basic Radio Etiquette

When joining a radio network you should understand the rules that network has that dictate how to behave on the network. These rules can be posted in a guide or on the terms of that networks site. Some common rules include using radio lingo, and keeping your communication short and to the point. Following these guidelines will allow the radio network to run smoothly and make sure everyone is comfortable on the radio network.

Using Zello at Work

When using Zello at work, there's even more of a need to keep things polite and professional. For frontline workers in particular, efficiency of communication is also key. Zello Work can help foster efficient communication with features like Dispatch Hub, which centralizes driver-dispatcher communication into a single hub, eliminating the distractions of cross-communication for drivers. More generally, communicating in Zello channels also helps to keep conversation focused on particular topic areas. You can explore the many powerful features Zello Work has to offer by signing up for a free trial.

No matter who you use Zello to connect with, we all benefit from respectful dialogue on the platform. We look forward to seeing you there!