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Alexey Gavrilov
September 14, 2020

The Zello Free App is NOT Going Away

Recently, a disturbing rumor began circulating about Zello ending its free service. This rumor was posted on a page made to look like it was from a Zello website. 

We want to assure you that this page was fake and this rumor is false. Zello free services are absolutely not going away and we have no such intentions.

We know how much our users love the free services. Free users connect over popular channels to organize events, coordinate during times of natural disaster, strife, and tension, coordinate rescues, and make new friends or keep in touch with family around the world. We just recently welcome our 150,000,000th user onto the platform!

We would not hollow out such a core part of our services.

We know a lot of you were worried, so rest assured. The Zello free app you know and love is here to stay. Spread the word, and keep on enjoying the free app!