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Ayuda Después del Huracán María

Zello te puede ayudar a comunicarte con tus familiares y amigos o encontrar información acerca de la situación en diferentes zonas en Puerto Rico por medio de varios canales disponibles en la aplicaci...

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Tips on Zello Communications During a Disaster

UPDATE 9/14/18:  Please note this article was originally written during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, but the same tips apply for Hurricane Florence currently affecting the East Coast    DISCLAIMER: This ...

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Getting help in Houston floods

Update 09/04: If you used Zello during Harvey please take a moment to give us feedback, which would help making Zello better.

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Did You Know Zello Can Be Used with Hearing Aids?

  Frankly, we never did until one industrious 16-year-old came across our radar last March. Zello has always strived to be fully blind-accessible, and we have many users who are visually impaired and ...

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О возможной блокировке Zello в России

Важное обновление: 12 апреля 2017 в 23:30 интернет-провайдеры в России начали блокирование Zello. О перебоях в работе приложения сообщайте через канал в Телеграм:

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The Cajun Navy: How Tech and Boaters Joined Forces to Save Lives

You might not have heard, but last August 2016, the biggest flood to hit Louisiana in 500 years happened. More than 30,000 people were evacuated and over 146,000 homes damaged. Unlike well-known Hurri...

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Public channels in  Zello Lite

The most recent update of Zello Lite introduces new important feature -- public talk channels. Public channels are open conversations between Zello users, where as many as 100 people can participate a...

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New in  Zello Cloud -- dynamic channels & remote configuration

With Zello Cloud update published yesterday we introduced two new features and numerous improvements, which worth some explanation. These are dynamic channels and clients remote configuration from the...

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Using VOX mode in Zello

Zello introduced the new advanced feature, which requires some explanation. It’s voice-controlled transmission (or VOX) mode. The purpose of this mode is to allow you communicating without us...

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echo robot is broken

We've discovered "echo" robot, which is added to the new users' contacts by default has been broken for a few days now. We are now working to isolate the issue and bring it back online. For now if you...

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