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Did You Know Zello Can Be Used with Hearing Aids?

  Frankly, we never did until one industrious 16-year-old came across our radar last March. Zello has always strived to be fully blind-accessible, and we have many users who are visually impaired and ...

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Zello and Zello+ iPhone Update 2.1 Today

Zello has a new look. Last month, we released a paid version of Zello for the iPhone called Zello+. We've also updated both versions with a new design and new features. Zello uses a left navigation me...

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Zouth by Zouthwest

Greetings to all! I’m Meaghan Grant, Sales Associate and newest member of the Zello family. I will be lending my voice to this little blog every now and again.

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Public channels in  Zello Lite

The most recent update of Zello Lite introduces new important feature -- public talk channels. Public channels are open conversations between Zello users, where as many as 100 people can participate a...

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Star Trek Communicator sounds in  Zello

Are you a Start Trek fan? Do you know that you can feel like on the bridge of USS "Enterprise" with a little customization of Zello, which would turn your phone into Star Trek Communicator. Here is ho...

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What lightweight means

We say that Loudtalks is lightweight, but what does it actually mean?

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Zello on Twitter

Are you a Twitter user? You can follow Zello's releases and "behind the scenes" updates at then!

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Today, three months from the first public appearance at TechCrunch40 we reached an important milestone of 10,000 registered users.

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Nominate  Zello for The Crunchies

We decided that it would be cool to nominate Zello for one of The Crunchies awards.

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