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Zello is the most important app for Venezuela and Ukraine

The past week Zello has been the #1 overall app in Venezuela and Ukraine - more popular than Facebook or any other app.  Last year the same was true first in Turkey and later in Egypt.

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Wisconsin Times on Zello

Established communities like readers of The Wisconsin Times use  Zello as the place to come alive with voice.  To join in, search channels for wisconsin

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Public channels in  Zello Lite

The most recent update of Zello Lite introduces new important feature -- public talk channels. Public channels are open conversations between Zello users, where as many as 100 people can participate a...

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Zello on Twitter

Are you a Twitter user? You can follow Zello's releases and "behind the scenes" updates at then!

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Nominate  Zello for The Crunchies

We decided that it would be cool to nominate Zello for one of The Crunchies awards.

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Using "voices" to find new friends in  Zello

This is a second iteration of Deepwell experiment. The previous one (the attempt to use it as a test contact) was unsuccessful and resulted in a bunch of support emails, which sounded nearly schizophr...

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"DeepWell" project

(update 11/6/2007: Based on feedback from users, we replaced "DeepWell" build with a normal echo, which repeats back whatever you say to it. DeepWell moves over to "voices" username) Today we launched...

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