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Zello Lite now supports private channels

Public channels are fun but sometimes you want to have a channel just for your family, friends or classmates. Now you can -- just set the channel password and share it within your group.

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Zello Lite for Android is published today!

I'm proud to announce the initial public beta release of Loudtalks Lite for Android. You can download it now from Android Market.

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Public channels in  Zello Lite

The most recent update of Zello Lite introduces new important feature -- public talk channels. Public channels are open conversations between Zello users, where as many as 100 people can participate a...

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Zello Cloud graduates from beta

A little more than a year after public beta launch, a dozen of releases, and a hundred of fixed bugs later Zello Cloud is now officially out of beta.

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Running  Zello with Wine

If you use Linux you can run Zello using fantastic piece of software called WINE. Wine offers Windows compatibility layer on various platforms and generally works really well. There are a couple of is...

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New website design, new product names

We've launched re-design of Loudtalks website today to reflect the multiple product branches we released recently. Also to avoid confusion now, when we have some premium products, the standard and fre...

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Zello for Windows Mobile is available for download

We've released to the public the version of Zello, which runs on Windows Mobile devices. Below are download links:

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echo is back online

So is voices. Unlike echo, voices contact is not added by default -- you have to manually add it via Tools > Add a contact... menu. Once added you can send messages to it (as short as empty) and hear ...

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echo robot is broken

We've discovered "echo" robot, which is added to the new users' contacts by default has been broken for a few days now. We are now working to isolate the issue and bring it back online. For now if you...

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Status update

Next week (September 18) we celebrate Loudtalks first anniversary so I thought I'd give a short update on what's going on.

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