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Raphael Varieras
December 06, 2018

How to Survive the Retail Holiday Season

Is your store prepared for the holiday rush? To stand out from the competition this season, you'll need a strategy for handling big crowds, long lineshigh demand, and questions about your products and inventory. Luckily, it's never too late to improve your customers' shopping experience by adopting the latest technology. As you grow your business into the new year, consider adopting a push-to-talk, team communication tool to crush the holiday rush!

You can equip your retail team with an application that lets them communicate with the press of a button. It's easy to use and only requires a smartphone. Here are some ways these applications can make a noticeable difference this holiday season.

1. Keep Your Sales Team on the Floor

When salespeople run around the store checking stock, finding colleagues, and asking managers for help, they spend less time serving customers. As a result, customers become frustrated while salespeople scan the store for help. With team communication apps, smartphones, and wireless radios, employees on the shop floor never need to leave their post to complete a sale. 

2. Eliminate Trips to the Inventory

Employees can immediately check with the stock room when customers ask about the availability of an item. This has allowed customer service representatives at stores like Restoration Hardware to stay with their customers and quickly close their sales. With the additional of a tablet, employees can even check stock in nearby stores or online in case an item is sold out. They can also help a customer order the item on the spot, if need be.

3. Keep New Workers in the Loop 

Most retailers hire seasonal employees to work during the holiday rush. However, temporary hires often cannot provide the right level of customer service. There is little time to train them, and they don't know a lot about the product. Communication technologies like smartphones and push-to-talk radios allow all of your workers to connect with more experienced colleagues at the push of a button. They can quickly ask questions and receive clarification, thereby improving customer service.

The most popular push-to-talk application is Zello, which can be installed on phones, tablets, scanners, and more. It's entirely free to try for your business and comes with a dedicated support team to help answer any questions you have.

Get ahead of the competition this holiday season with your free trial today:

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