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Raphael Varieras
May 14, 2019

Zello Business Feature: Crosslink

Zello is a versatile voice communication platform for distributed work teams. Today the Zello push-to-talk app and business service empowers organizations in over 60 countries make instant, reliable, and secure voice communication as easy as pushing a big orange button. 

But the need to connect doesn’t stop at an organization’s boundaries. Zello users need to connect with their customers, suppliers and others as easily as they connect with their team members today. 

Crosslink is a Zello business feature that supports an organization’s entire ecosystem, by letting paid subscribers connect their network to any other Zello network.

Crosslink makes this happen by extending traditional Zello channels. Channels provide a way for specified individuals and groups to communicate in a particular Zello network. Crosslink supports the sharing of selected channels across networks.

Ways to Use Crosslink

(1) an assembly plant can share a channel with its parts suppliers and always know when critical deliveries can be expected

(2) a retailer can have an always-on connection with partner delivery service drivers

(3) a contractor can instantly link with every concrete, drywall, paint or roofing subcontractor

(4) a hotel chain's regional IT manager can use a single channel to connect with staff in every property in the region without having to log in and out of each property's network

 Why Use Zello & Crosslink?

Crosslink makes Zello an even more appealing alternative to the big carriers’ push-to-talk services. Unlike the carriers, Zello is not limited to a single cellular network. It operates on any cellular network, and on WiFi. And with Crosslink, it works across carrier networks.

Zello does not require dedicated hardware or a limited set of carrier-supported mobile devices. It is supported on virtually any mobile device, including iOSAndroid and Windows.

If you’re a Zello user already, Crosslink is free and available today. For more information about adding and using Crosslink head over to this Crosslink Overview article

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