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Raphael Varieras
May 04, 2019

How to Use Accessories with Zello

Zello understands that many people use push-to-talk (PTT) in their line of work and not all of our customers are in quiet offices. Many are out in the field, subject to environmental conditions that make it hard to hear audio or use Zello from a normal smartphone. Noisy and dusty construction zones, loud manufacturing facilities, rumbling big rig cabs, traffic noise, and massive crowds are just a few of the conditions that make it challenging to use PTT without the use of accessories.

For these people, we have amassed a pretty good collection of rugged devices and accessories, ranging from small remote buttons, to headsets, covert earpieces, and loud speaker/mics. We work with new and existing vendors on a regular basis to test and certify that their devices and accessories work with Zello with true PTT capability, while locked and running in the background. With accessories, you can put your phone safely away in a pocket and not worry about it getting dirty, wet, or damaged.

We do not sell these accessories but you can see our list of certified rugged devices and accessories at Zello Accessories. If you are an accessory manufacturer or are developing one and want us to test it out, email us at We would love to add you to our growing list.

In 2014, AINA was one of the very first vendors to approach us about their rugged speaker/mic, and we were impressed by their enthusiasm and professionalism. Since that time, they have produced one of the best speaker/mics for use in the field, intended for public safety organizations, police and fire departments, or any use case where you need loud audio and instant voice communications. The AINA Voice Responder speaker/mic has buttons specifically for PTT use and even an emergency button.

If you are looking for a reliable and well-made speaker/mic, give AINA a try. They have written a short how-to guide and provided videos on how to pair their device to Zello and Zello. These instructions would also apply to other accessories as well.

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