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Zello Now Compatible with Network Radios

October 10, 2018

At Zello, we are committed to maintaining our leadership in push-to-talk by teaming with a variety of device partners. Though Zello is most commonly used on consumer devices like smartphones, we are excited to announce our compatibility with a new type of device – network radios.

The Benefits of Zello + Handheld Network Radios

Network handheld radios look and function like traditional two-way radios (a.k.a walkie-talkies, DMRs, or ham radios). But, instead of using UHF/VHF frequencies to connect, they connect via the Internet using a SIM card or Wi-Fi signal. Network radios have a number of advantages for use in noisy outdoor environments like construction sites, manufacturing plants, and transport truck cabs, including:

  • Simplicity: Users get a dedicated communication appliance with large buttons and knobs that can be mapped to multiple Zello functionalities. Since many network radio users wear work gloves or are driving and can’t take their eyes off the road, there is nNetwork Radio TL99o need to fumble with an unlock screen or paired accessories.
  • Low Cost: Network radios cost as little as $75 and Zello is free. This means companies can outfit their teams for 80 percent less than the purchase of digital radios or smartphones.
  • Rugged: Network radios are made to stand up to the elements. No need to worry about drops or falls – They can take a beating in demanding outdoor environments.
  • Loud: These devices are intended for construction sites, factories, and the road. They provide clear audio at high volumes in situations with a lot of background noise without the use of accessories like external microphones or earpieces.
  • Long Battery Life: Our tests show that network radios running Zello can operate for up to three days before needing a charge, an important feature when the power is out or when there isn’t convenient outlet access.

Many workplaces can benefit from adopting network radios running Zello. In addition to the cost and dependability of these devices, they provide a dedicated tool for workplace communication that can be shared between shift workers, enabling seamless team connections. “On a customer visit this summer, I learned that Zello deployed on network radios is completely replacing traditional handheld radio communications at a fraction of the cost,” said Bill Moore, Zello CEO. “These radios have really enhanced workplace productivity. Additionally, ZelloWork allows employers to easily configure their networks and track and archive usage via its Web-based management console.”

Try Zello for Free!

Network radios let users communicate on multiple channels without the distance limitations of traditional handheld radios. By adding Zello, users can access the app’s extensive and established user base or opt to use the company’s private networks with ZelloWork, which offer the benefits of a configuration console, map history features, and message archives, among others.

How To Get a Network Radio with Zello

Network Radios is currently offering network radios with Zello pre-installed. Users can also install Zello on new or existing network radios including the Inrico T199 and the Talkpod N-50 (though the Talkpod N-58 is not recommended). To install, connect the network radio to your computer, sync it with an Android screen viewer (such as Vysor), then download and sign in to Zello. Vysor mirrors the device’s screen to your computer, allowing you to navigate the Android home screen and Zello UI.

The push-to-talk space is a genuine ecosystem, with services, data, and devices requiring true collaboration to deliver meaningful solutions to customers. Zello is dedicated to building relationships across the industry so more users can enjoy turnkey push-to-talk products like those offered by Network Radios.

Where to Purchase a Network Radio

As you may know, Zello does not sell hardware. You can purchase these devices online from the manufacturer or from any reputable reseller in your area. A few sites we have browsed include and

We are happy to hear any user stories or feedback you have about these devices. They're still new to us and we are still learning! Feel free to reach out to to share your story with us.

Topics: ZelloWork, Network Radio, Ham Radio, DMR Radio

Written by Nicole Kimball


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