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Raphael Varieras
March 28, 2019

Meet Team Zello: Adam, Nicole, and Amy

We’re excited to bring another installment of our blog series “Meet Team Zello” to you, where we start introducing the hardworking (but fun-loving) people behind Zello. They come from varied backgrounds, age groups, and interests, but all have a common goal - to help people connect better using the best communications tool we have - our voice.

We asked each team member to provide their job title, a personal statement about “Why Zello?”, and one interesting factoid about themselves. We’ll be publishing a few profiles periodically for the next few weeks. Today, we’re pleased to introduce our team members Adam, Nicole, and Amy:

Adam Bailey


Job Title: Senior Software Developer

Why Zello: “Whether our users are standing up for free speech, protesting repressive governments, combating crime, or coordinating rescue efforts during natural disasters, Zello and its users have impacted millions of people around the world. I take great pride in my role on the Zello team, helping to create the platform that enables this community and its work.”

Interesting Factoid: “I play the Euphonium!”


Nicole Kimball


Job Title: Inbound Sales

Why Zello: “One of the primary reasons I am proud of Zello is because I believe in the human voice. I think our voices carry so much more than we value or appreciate in our daily lives. Zello is helping each and every user connect with others in such unique ways, as well as pushing them away from the ever increasingly easy to use text. Texting is great, but voice is better. On a different note, I believe Zello is a highly underrated tool and untapped resource for work teams. Zello has an insane amount of potential to save companies money, and increase efficiency within their teams. I love hearing the Zello message finally click in someone's head as they fall in love with the idea of Zello being deployed to their team. All in all, Zello has literally saved lives, and I couldn't imagine a better reason to come to work every day.”

Interesting Factoid: “My dad worked at Disney World when I was growing up, we lived 5 minutes away, and we went to Disney every weekend. Not until we moved to Texas, did I realize this was not a normal childhood…”

Amy Roberts


Job Title: Designer

Why Zello: “I’ve always been interested in online communication and how it can be improved. Previously designing for enterprise chat software at Microsoft, I joined Zello after hearing about its role in aiding relief efforts during Hurricane Harvey. When government infrastructure and traditional tools can’t always meet people’s needs, access to free and instant communication is increasingly important, and it’s exciting to work on a product that provides this to people around the world.”

Interesting Factoid: “I grew up in the first state park of Texas, Mother Neff (my dad was a park ranger).

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