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Raphael Varieras
March 09, 2022

Zello Feature: Location Tracking

In addition to offering advanced features such as emergency alerts and crosslinking, Zello also serves as a location tracking app. The Location Tracking feature enhances the value of our push-to-talk solution for many Zello customers, and provides anyone using the administrator console with a map view of Zello users' locations anywhere in the neighborhood or around the world.

Location Tracking offers a rich visual environment that is both informative and highly productive. It is especially beneficial as a fleet tracking app for drivers and dispatchers, or as a GPS tracker for first responders. Zello is also used by customers involved with logistics, transportation, construction, healthcare, field service, public safety, or any other activity that benefits from real-time route analysis and vehicle or employee monitoring.

ZelloWork Console Location Tracking App, User Map View

In this real-time map view, blue dots indicate Zello user locations

Location Tracking Features

The Zello console is a truly robust location tracking tool. In addition to allowing administrators and dispatchers to track locations of users, the app has advanced features that simplify day-to-day operations for organizations large and small.

  • Push-to-talk directly from the map. Select a user, click Talk, and the talk screen for that user will automatically open.

  • Configurable location update rates from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. At 10-second intervals you can track a user's movements on foot.

  • Color-coded status indicators. User location markers are initially color-coded blue. After 15 minutes of inactivity a user's symbol turns purple. 

  • Zoom In and Zoom Out capability. You can zoom in close enough to see street names and even the building in which a user is located.

  • Navigation and usability features. Use your mouse cursor to move around the map. The map can be toggled between full-screen and minimized mode using the maximize icon and escape key.

  • User search and select list. Locate users, even if they aren't visible in the current map view. 

  • User information mini-dashboard. Click on any user location dot to see the time that location was recorded and the user's battery level and speed at that time. The mini-dashboard also lets you switch to a Google Maps view, which opens in a separate window.

  • Location History. This paid upgrade to Location Tracking lets you see all of a user's movements during any day in the last six months.

  • Customizable settings. From the Zello console, administrators can easily disable or enable Location Tracking for the network. They can also selectively enable or disable tracking for individual users.

  • Location data API. The API lets you export user location data into other apps or platforms. 

ZelloWork Console Location Tracking App, History View

Location History displays a Zello user's movements on a given day

Using Zello as a location tracking app lets administrators or dispatchers quickly determine which driver has the shortest delivery route, alert employees of nearby hazards, and analyze trip efficiencies using historical data. Companies can save money by determining best routes for conserving fuel and monitoring employee travel routes and time utilization more effectively.

Location History is available as a paid upgrade, and when installed, retains location data for each user for the last 6 months. For Location History pricing information, please contact us.

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