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Raphael Varieras
September 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence Rescue

If you or someone you know needs to be rescued in the North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia area please use the following resources:

Phone numbers:

  • 911
  • (504)-517-6289 (Cajun Navy Relief) -- request help directly from Cajun Navy volunteers

Zello channels (get the app to connect):

Click Here to Download Zello

When submitting your request for the rescue clearly state, text, or send your location to authorized admins and provide:

  • The complete address of the rescue location, and any information which would help rescuers find you
  • Contact phone number and your name
  • Number of people needing help and their condition

 Does Zello work without cellular service or wifi?

No. You need need cellular or wifi in order for Zello to work.

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