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Futurecast: Future of Technology and Emergency Response

October 30, 2017

In the wake of the fall's hurricanes, Zello has gotten involved in numerous public conversations about how to deal with large-scale emergencies. Today one of my colleagues is participating in a panel at Futurecast: The Future of Technology & Emergency Response.

This event is co-hosted by Ericsson and the AT&T Foundry @ the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in Houston TX. The theme of the evening is to "explore how technology is used today, and how it can evolve in the future to help communities, first responders, healthcare providers, governments, public safety officials, and other organizations in the event of natural disasters and other humanitarian crises."

Wendy Mejia, who runs our Customer Success organization, will bring our perspective to the discussion. Zello has a high profile in Houston, so Wendy's remarks are likely to be well received. Zello push-to-talk flourished during Harvey because it was simple and durable. And while those aren't themes that are often associated with technology they obviously were essential in the context of 50 inches of rain.

ZelloWork, our push-to-talk solution for work teams, pays the bills here, and of course we are beyond proud of the improvements we've helped bring to our clients' bottom lines and workplace quality. We've even been told by clients that ZelloWork has saved lives.

But time and again it's Zello, our free app for personal use, that produces the stories that everyone wants to hear...

We love hearing your stories about voice communication in the workplace. Please share them in the space below. 


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