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Farewell to Trending Lists

Hello Zelloites,

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Tips on Zello Communications During a Disaster

UPDATE 9/14/18:  Please note this article was originally written during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, but the same tips apply for Hurricane Florence currently affecting the East Coast    DISCLAIMER: This ...

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Getting help in Houston floods

Update 09/04: If you used Zello during Harvey please take a moment to give us feedback, which would help making Zello better.

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О возможной блокировке Zello в России

Важное обновление: 12 апреля 2017 в 23:30 интернет-провайдеры в России начали блокирование Zello. О перебоях в работе приложения сообщайте через канал в Телеграм:

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April 25 outage postmortem

Zello has been growing like crazy recently -- with number of active users increasing 23% on average each week since iPhone release. April 25 was starting great setting a new record of 222k people onli...

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The Zello Night Watch

Names and locations have been changed to protect night watch volunteers. April 20, 2012 -- Zello catches criminals Last Tuesday we opened up an email from a user in Malaysia named Jebat. Like many ema...

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Keep Zello Weird

That's right, the Zello team was in Austin this weekend! After working from offices in Dallas, Austin, Palo Alto and St. Petersburg, six team members finally came together last Thursday with one goal ...

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Walkie talkies and the military

Since 2010, we've been honored to work with Advanced Ground Information Systems on one of the most "classic" uses for push-to-talk: a first responder/military application called "LifeRing." Using Zell...

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PrimeFlight Aviation and Zello PTT -- Come fly with us!

Ever landed in San Francisco International Airport?

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