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2017 Was Huge for Zello

December 22, 2017

Like everyone else, we're looking back on the year that's ending and taking stock. And from where we stand, Zello had a good year.


Both parts of our business grew substantially.


Zello, our free app for personal use, saw meteoric growth during the fall's various natural disasters. We were overwhelmed - emotionally, not technically - with the scale of Zello's adoption and the users' voices of gratitude. We know for certain that our app was instrumental in the saving of many lives during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the California wildfires and the Mexico earthquake. It's a source of tremendous pride for us.




During the hurricanes, Zello rose to the #1 spot in both the Google and Apple app stores, and stayed there for nearly two weeks. Obviously we understood that position was due to the misfortunes of many people, but it was still exhilarating to know that so many people were turning to us.


With the millions that joined us this fall, Zello now has over 120 million users worldwide!


ZelloWork, our paid app for work teams, also saw very healthy growth this year. We had particular success in hospitality, where we added a large number of hotels and resorts, and in retail, where among other new clients we won the business of the world's third largest retailer. And the many varieties of trucking and transport remained our strongest market segment.


With input from our clients we added significant new capabilities to ZelloWork. Highlights include


Ad Hoc Channels, which gives ZelloWork users the ability to create their own group conversations in the moment, without involving the network administrator. These channels endure only as long as the conversation, and then go away.


Location Tracking, which provides administrators with a real-time view of their ZelloWork users in a scalable map.


ZelloWork Console Location History cropped.png


Premium Maps, which adds Location History to the Tracking feature and enables ZelloWork map view exports into Google Maps, where detailed location coordinates and traffic data are available.


An overhaul of ZelloWork for Apple iOS, with an entirely new user interface and user experience.


And for dispatchers, very helpful new Unanswered Calls functionality in the Windows PC version of ZelloWork.


With all of this growth in the business you won't be surprised to know that we also added a number of really talented people to our team. We built out the ranks of both our technical and business teams, and we still have roles to fill.


We're counting on next year to be just as consequential and 2017. Look for a brand new in the very near future. And while I'd be punished severely for sharing our 2018 product plans, you can be confident that we are already deep into some very ambitious product enhancements.


While we are proud of our accomplishments, we absolutely understand that none of it would have happened without the support and patronage of the worldwide audience for our push-to-talk solutions. For that we owe all of you a huge debt of gratitude.


Thank you, and we'll see you here next year! 

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Written by Raphael Varieras


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