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Trending Channels

September 12, 2012

Try the new “Trending Channels” section to find interesting live channels.  Just click the channel to listen in.

You’ll hear crude language and topics when browsing.  Please send a list of any especially offensive channel to and we’ll hide them from this list.

In the next release we’ll be adding user and channel profiles plus an report channel option for users.  These should improve Channel browsing.


Trending Channels replace the Featured Channels list.  The old approach sent everyone to a few channels.  They became over-populated and often harsh.  The new approach should give lots of healthy channels a chance to grow.

Channels will also get better with fewer disruptive “trolls” because they can’t keep creating accounts.

Trending channels is included in the iPhone 1.7 release and Android 1.36.  It is not yet available for Blackberry or Windows.

Get Zello for iPhone   iPhone release notes

Get Zello for Android  Android release notes

Written by Bill Moore


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