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Zello for the iPhone - It's Alive!

March 30, 2012

Austin Development Office

Hey everyone, Jim Pickering here.  I’m the Sr. developer on the Zello iPhone project.   We have been working hard to get Zello for iPhone out to you, thanks for being so patient.  We started this project back in November of 2011, so we really made quick work of it.  One of the reasons it has been so fun working on Zello is because we all use it.  My wife runs Zello on her PC in her upstairs office. I can talk to her from my downstairs office using Zello for iPhone.  “Can you go pick up the kids at school, I’m busy right now?  Well maybe I love it more than she does.  The neat thing is, you can reach anybody anywhere in the world. We live in Austin, my son uses it to talk to his friends in California, family in Portland and New Hampshire.

Check out the channels, add your friends, listen to a past conversation using the history feature.  Zello your husband (or wife) and tell him to get some milk on the way home.

Zello for iPhone also works with Zello@Work.  Check out this link for more information: Zello@Work

We have been burning the midnight oil getting 1.0 out to you, and now it’s time to stop and come up for air,  ahhhh.  Ok, that’s enough, back to work.  We have a lot of cool features on the way for upcoming releases.  Send us your ideas on what you would like to see in Zello, we love great ideas.

Download a free copy now: Zello for iPhone

Written by Jim Pickering


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