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New Name, Headquarters and CEO

February 20, 2012

Although this blog has been quiet for a few months, we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Here’s what has been happening:

  • Loudtalks is now named Zello.
  • We’re rebranding products.
  • Zello is based in Dallas with teams in Russia and Texas -- both growing.

Hi, my name is Bill Moore,  the CEO of Zello.

After a hard look at the market and our technology, I’m grateful for Alex and the team inviting me. We’ve all worked together at TuneIn which is the top global mobile radio app company. I am TuneIn’s founder, was CEO  and remain on their board.

The Zello team created the first mobile app that replaces two-way radio. It’s time to scale this start up into a great business. Stay tuned to this blog, and connect with us at and

You can reach me on

Written by Bill Moore


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