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Zello Lite 1.0!

February 1, 2011

After more than 3 years in beta we are announcing 1.0 release of Zello Lite. We have been hard at work on this release for several months and along with bugfixes it brings in important architecture changes. People who use Zello Lite on their mobile devices will benefit the most from the new features of 1.0.

Version 1.0 is not compatible with 0.9.* releases!

That means if you are using 1.0 and your contacts 0.9 there will be issues seeing each other online status and communicating. If you notice such issues please tell your contacts to upgrade to the latest Zello Lite.

Release notes

- Improved network and power efficiency -- the application now uses less bandwidth and power especially in stand by mode
- Disabled audio mixer code in Windows Mobile release to address lock up issues on various devices
- Compatibility with upcoming BlackBerry and Android Zello Lite releases

Download Zello Lite 1.0 for Windows
Download Zello Lite 1.0 for Windows Mobile

Please report any issues with 1.0 in comments or by sending us a message via application's "Report a problem..." function.


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