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Announcing Zello Cloud

January 26, 2009

Today we are introducing the new product in the Zello family. It's Zello Cloud -- a managed push-to-talk service for companies and groups. So what is it and how is it different from Zello?

  1. Zello is an open network, where anyone can speak to anyone.Zello Cloud is a closed network for your group or organization only.
  2. Zello is 100% free.Zello Cloud is freemium, which means both free and paid service options. More on this later in this post.
  3. Zello Cloud doesn't have any client-side contacts management. It's all handled by web-based admin console so if you want to add a new employee, just few clicks and... boom, she's in everyone's contact list. This is especially convenient if you use a mobile version.
  4. Zello Cloud supports massive channels with as many as 100 online participants. Channels management is web-based too.
  5. We host all supernodes for Zello Cloud ourselves, which allows to provide consistent performance and faster communication.
  6. Communication within Zello Cloud is seriously encrypted (AES 256 bits with disposable one time session keys, securely exchanged using RSA 360 bits) so you can use it for sensitive talks. We never store any of your messages on our servers (as in Loudtalks).
  7. Each network gets personalized setups of Zello for Windows and Windows Mobile available for download from network's homepage so the only thing your users have to do to get started is to install the app and enter their username and password.
  8. You can enter Full name and Job title for each user, while keeping usernames short.

The new service is available now as a public beta. We anticipate we might have to restrict the new sign ups depending on the demand vs capacity but hopefully it all will go smoothly. Setup is really simple and would take you less than 3 minutes.

As I mentioned Zello Cloud comes in two flavours. Here are the options:

Free use

This option is suitable for personal groups and small businesses. You get all the features of Zello Cloud free with the only limitation, that you can't have more than 10 people in your group. Based on our analysis this is sufficient for the most of our users so why don't you try it now?

Premium service

Premium service includes all you get with the free service plus more:

  1. Unlimited number of users
  2. Support of two-way radio gateways
  3. Priority email support with guaranteed response-time
  4. Priority treatment of feature requests
  5. Monitored network availability and uptime SLA

Premium plans start at $39 per month (for 20 users or 10 users + 2 radio gateways) pay-as-you-go and there are discounts if you need more than 50 users. We hope that if you use the service in your business, it is well worth the subscription fee. During the beta testing Loudtalks Cloud is free for everyone (users limit is not enforced) so please try it and tell us what extra could we do to help you justify the investment.

Of course the free Zello service remains here and we continue to support and develop it. You can run Zello Cloud client in parallel with standard Zello if you want.


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