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"DeepWell" project

November 1, 2007


(update 11/6/2007: Based on feedback from users, we replaced "DeepWell" build with a normal echo, which repeats back whatever you say to it. DeepWell moves over to "voices" username)

Today we launched the first bot in Loudtalks network. It's name is " echo voices" and it's added to all new users' contacts automatically . You can add or remove it manually too.

The first purpose of this bot is to help users testing Loudtalks themselves before inviting friends. It does that in somewhat unusual way. The best way to experience "DeepWell" project is to login to Loudtalks, add "voices" to your contacts and tell something to it.

If you just want a spoiler here is what it does.

As the name suggests it speaks back whatever it hears. However instead of replying with your own words, it randomly picks a message previously received from someone else. When speaking to echo voices you will hear responses from different people in different languages. Try it, it's pretty amazing.

(photo by Miles_78)


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