Aussie Tech Heads Review

By Bill Moore on November 12, 2012

Australian Airline Features Zello

By Bill Moore on October 25, 2012

From this months Executive PA Magazine.

Austin Startup Crawl

By Bill Moore on October 8, 2012

 Stop by and see Zello on the Austin Startup Crawl Thursday October 11th in the Capital Factory space.

Everyone on the crawl should use the Zello channel to get information about the shuttle and what’s happening.  Zello will be using the channel for a fun contest.  Just download Zello, go to the channels tab, click add and search for Startup Crawl.

Hiring part-time community managers

By Bill Moore on October 8, 2012

If you are interested in helping improve the Zello community channels please let us know.  To be considered, please complete this form.

Zello Pitches ITEXPO Startup Camp

By Bill Moore on October 8, 2012

Last week we had some fun pitching at Startup Camp

-Trending Channels

By Bill Moore on September 26, 2012

Today Zello disabled the Trending Channels display for many users.  Unfortunately most US channels shown have so much profanity the app was not suitable for many who use it.

All the same channels are still available from search.  We plan to restore the feature with reporting and filtering.

Trending Channels

By Bill Moore on September 12, 2012

Try the new “Trending Channels” section to find interesting live channels.  Just click the channel to listen in.

You’ll hear crude language and topics when browsing.  Please send a list of any especially offensive channel to and we’ll hide them from this list.

In the next release we’ll be adding user and channel profiles plus an report channel option for users.  These should improve Channel browsing.


Trending Channels replace the Featured Channels list.  The old approach sent everyone to a few channels.  They became over-populated and often harsh.  The new approach should give lots of healthy channels a chance to grow.

Channels will also get better with fewer disruptive “trolls” because they can’t keep creating accounts.

Trending channels is included in the iPhone 1.7 release and Android 1.36.  It is not yet available for Blackberry or Windows.

Get Zello for iPhone   iPhone release notes

Get Zello for Android  Android release notes

NYT says “the same sense of wonder”

By Bill Moore on September 6, 2012

Today’s New York Times has a nice review of Zello from David Pogue…

ZELLO WALKIE TALKIE This free app works on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows, which makes it far more useful than, for example, iPhone-only apps. The design is beautiful, simple and uncluttered — there aren’t even ads.

Like most of the best apps, Zello lets you create groups so that you can carry on something like a party-line phone call among a handful — or hundreds — of friends or collaborators. The company suggests, for example, that you can set up a Zello “room” for your company’s customers when they have questions.

What’s wild is that Zello comes prestocked with such channels from India, London, Toronto, Washington and so on. You sit there, jaw agape, and listen to people, in real time, from all over the world. You feel the same sense of wonder you felt when you were little and your dad took you down to his basement to listen to a ham radio.

St. Peter

By Bill Moore on September 6, 2012

On our St. Petersburg  Skype call yesterday it looked like Mike, then Eugene, then Alex  were  headed well beyond Zello.  But then we learned it was only their sunset.


Share your favorite zello messages

By Bill Moore on July 20, 2012

Yesterday’s iPhone and Android Zello update makes it easy to share your Zello voice messages.

From message History, click Edit, select the messages, then click Share. You can share them with an email, sms, tweet or on Facebook.

Shared messages are on a page available for any mobile or desktop browser like this example.

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