Loudtalks on Windows CE

By Alexey Gavrilov on November 22, 2010

Starting with version available today we support Wndows CE 5.0 and 6.0 in all our products including Loudtalks Lite, Loudtalks Mesh, Loudtalks Cloud and Loudtalks SDK.

Here are some screenshots:

Loudtalks SDK

By Alexey Gavrilov on October 13, 2010

All developers using Loudtalks SDK are advised to download and use the new version based on core.

Change log
– Updated codebase to match Loudtalks Cloud client version
– Extended ICustomization interface to add OemConfigFile and OemConfigData methods, which allow our white-label partners to load their custom branding data
– Removed SetFocus method from IContact
– Added UpdateContacts, ShowContacts, OpenHistory, CloseHistory, ExpandContact, SelectContact to IPtt interface
– Fixed status bar menu in mobile ActiveX
– Fixed typos in docs
– Updated sample code to reflect API changes
– Updated Loudtalks API to support direct contacts

Download Loudtalks SDK

Loudtalks SDK update, breaking changes

By Alexey Gavrilov on April 27, 2010

We just published a major update of Loudtalks push-to-talk SDK. Some interfaces were renamed so you will need to make minor changes to your code to recompile it with the new version of the SDK.

Release notes

  1. Renamed interfaces to match white-label requirements for developers using .NET
  2. Added interfaces to provide access to messages history
  3. Added events to notify about incoming and outgoing messages
  4. Extended support for channels and groups
  5. Updated sample code

Download Loudtalks SDK