Zello and Zello+ iPhone Update 2.1 Today

By Jim Pickering on March 20, 2013

Zello has a new look. Last month, we released a paid version of Zello for the iPhone called Zello+. We’ve also updated both versions with a new design and new features. Zello uses a left navigation menu instead of the tabs on the bottom of the screen. This helps you quickly get from one screen to another.

What’s that eye staring at me on the talk screen?

See the “eye” on the talk screen in the below screen shot? Think of the new talk screen as having a front and a back. Use the front of the talk screen for talking and the back for the details. Press the “eye” to flip to the back of the talk screen and “see” the details. On the back of the talk screen, you’ll find the History and Profile. For channels, you’ll also see the current list of active users.


Tap the tabs at the bottom to switch between the views. If you’re on a channel, the blue power button on the screens allow you to quickly connect to or disconnect from the channel.

What’s new in Zello

Zelect channels

You have three choices for channel channel types: “Anyone can talk,” “Listen only” and “Zelect,” the all-new type.

When you set your channel to Zelect, new users can only listen to others and talk to moderators. Once the owner or a moderator of the channel identifies you as a trusted member, you can talk and be heard by everyone. If you are new to a Zelect channel, you’ll see the moderator’s Zello name and a light yellow background when he or she speaks to you.  Be nice and ask for permission to join the channel.


If you’re the owner or moderator of a Zelect channel, you have some new tools to manage the channel.  Tap the arrow to access the moderator tools.  You can talk to all the moderators, mute all of the untrusted users, talk to a single moderator or talk to a single untrusted user. When selecting a single user, you can: trust, block, make the user a moderator or return to talking to all users. (Only the channel owner can promote someone to moderator.)


Volume control

Sometimes users can be too loud or not loud enough that you need to adjust their volume.  You now have two ways to do this: on the user’s profile screen, move the slider to adjust the volume, or on the talk screen, slide your finger up and down just to the right of the talk button to adjust the volume for the user currently talking.  The title will display the current setting and a small arrow will rotate along the edge of the talk button.  Zello will remember the volume setting for each user.


History for alerts

Alerts are now saved to history. You can see alerts in your History feed along with voice messages. To delete, tap the Trash button at the bottom, select the entries to delete and tap “Delete.”


Share a channel

Share a channel with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or a text message.  Select the profile for the channel, then Share icon to the right of the camera icon.


Active notifications

When someone sends you a contact request or channel invitation you will see a blue notification in the status bar. If you tap the notification, Zello will take you to the user or channel profile so you can approve or block the request right away. In the below screen shot, Green Kitty sent a contact request. Tap the notification to view the profile screen for Green Kitty.


When someone is talking, Zello displays a black notification with the user’s name.  If you tap that, Zello takes you to the talk screen for that user or channel.  The below screen shows a notification that Green Kitty is talking. Tap that and Zello switches to the talk screen for Green Kitty.


Manage blocked users and channels

When someone sends you a contact request or a channel invitation, you can block or flag the request.  If you change your mind later, you  can now remove those blocked requests. Press the Gear icon next to your Zello username to acces your profile. Icons will appear on the bottom of the Profile Tool menu if you have blocked channels or contacts.  Tap the Blocked Channel or Blocked Contacts icon to manage the blocked requests.


Whats new in Zello+

If you throw 99 pennies at us for Zello+,  you get all the new features in Zello plus you can customize Zello alerts.

Custom alerts


Select an alert sound from our Zello site …


Or choose a song from your Music library and use part of it as an alert.


Happy Zello … ing

Comments (6)

  1. what a great job!
    congrats you all guys 🙂

    Comment by Zello Italia — March 21, 2013 @ 12:45 am

  2. Hi all,

    Congrats for the program!

    Bad move to have white as a background. Due to the fact that the interface is white now, it will consume considerable battery power on Iphone.

    I’m using the Android version.
    There are 2 issues with the Android version on current version 2.09.

    1. There is no alert if the program jumps by itself from TX into RX. When you have turned on toggle or PTT, and you are in TX mode, when the network bandwidth is low, no alert is given when it goes to RX mode again.
    It is easy to program, just link the alert with the alteration of the color of the push to talk round circle. At least, you’ll have an alert notification when it happens.
    2. It is impossible to map a headset button from Android 4.1 and up.

    1. Please please please: add a small signal meter like the one on CB radio on the push to talk screen under the big circle. Link the Santiago meter to the 3G operator DB receive or to the Wifi receive on the mobile phone. This will be a very nice thing to do.

    2. Why not making a zello java applet to put on a website, so people can push to talk without having to install Zello directly from a website to your zello program, whatever you are running the program on


    Comment by Kurt — March 24, 2013 @ 1:02 pm

  3. White vs Black background, this is an old wives tale. You can’t save any battery life by using a dark background. The iPhone’s back light is always shining when the screen is on, the to reduce power consumption you would need to lower the brightness. This would be true if the iPhone screen was AMOLED. We will take a look at your other suggestions, thanks!

    Comment by Jim Pickering — March 24, 2013 @ 5:44 pm

  4. Hello Zello programmers.

    Can you give priority to who can talk over somebody else in a channel by their status:
    owner: highest priority
    moderators: medium priority
    trusted users: low priority
    users: no priority

    This is to avoid the “channel is busy, try again later” error if someone with a higher priority wants to talk.

    If a trusted user is talking, a moderator can start to talk over the trusted user and the trusted user will go right away into receive mode.
    If a owner of the channel is talking, nobody can talk over this highest priority.
    If a moderator is talking in a channel, the owner can start to talk over any of the moderator.

    This is important if many users are in channels and if one with a higher priority needs to key in (sometimes to make an important announcement or just to create harmony in chaotic channels).

    Kind regards and fantastic work!!!!!!!!
    I try to get as many people on zello as I can.

    Comment by Kurt — April 22, 2013 @ 1:24 pm

  5. I have zello+ and can’t update.

    I did send the problem to the suport but no answear was given. So I try here now.

    Iphone 4s zello+ update problem.

    Comment by Sherip Che K.O.1 — February 18, 2015 @ 5:55 am

  6. I can’t hear anything but only get message popup notification in iphone when I close zello app. But in my android phones, i can still hear everything even if i close the app.

    What is the problem here?? Am I missing something ??

    Comment by sagun — April 29, 2015 @ 11:53 pm

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