Making your channel inviting

By Jim Pickering on June 1, 2012

Your channel is a big hit, crowds of people are joining.

In my last post I gave some examples of how to use channels.  So now that you have created your own really cool channel, how do you let your friends know about it? What do you do about those users that live to disrupt your wonderful new creation? The new release has some new features to help.

Invite your friends

In 1.3 we added the ability to invite your friends to join a channel.  Could be your channel, or some other channel you’ve found.  You can invite your friends either when you create a channel or anytime you are on the talk screen of a channel.

After you create the channel you will be presented with a list of your contacts.  You can only invite people you have added to your contacts list.  If your list is empty or small, then you need add more contacts, so tell your friends to join Zello!   You can invite your friends to join Zello by pressing the ‘+’ button on the ‘Contacts’ tab.


Select the ones that you would like to invite.   You can also access the ‘Invite Friends’ feature by selecting the ‘menu’ button on the talk screen of a channel.


Your friends will receive the invitation in the new ‘Channels’ tab.  It will display the name of the channel and who sent the invitation.  You can accept or decline the invitation.  If you accept, the channel will be added to your Channels list.


What happens if the channel that you were invited to is password protected, do you have to contact the person that invited your and get the password?  No,  Zello handles all those details for you, you don’t need to know the password, all you have to do is accept the invitation.

Channel happiness

Your channel is up and you have invited your friends.  The channel is a big hit, people are joining your channel in droves.  But now you are noticing a few users that just seem to be irritating everyone else, what do you do?  Since you are the owner of the channel you have the option of blocking people that are disrupting the fun.  You can’t be on your channel 24×7, now what?  Zello 1.3 allows you to assign some of your friends to help.  Now you can delegate some of your authority.

Choose  your channel from the ‘Channels’ tab, this will put you on the Talk Screen. Press the ‘Menu’ button and select the ‘Channel Details’ button from the talk screen.  If you are the Channel Administrator you will see the word ‘Administrator’  in the header.  You will also see an ‘Edit’ button on the right hand side of the navigation bar.



When you press the ‘Edit’ button you will see the menu containing  “Channel details”, “Moderators” and “Blocked users” buttons.  Press the “Moderators” button.  Choose the contacts that will help you moderate your channel.



Now your moderators can help you make your channel  stay on topic with less disruptions.

User ‘rangerdog’ is pressing the talk button over and over, saying really odd things, and is just being plain annoying. Your new moderator can take control when your not online to help.  Selecting ‘rangerdog’ from the list of users will bring up an option screen, select ‘Block user’ to block this poor lost soul.



Everyone is happy to see ‘rangerdog’ is no longer allowed to participate in the channel.


If ‘rangerdog’ ever comes to his/her senses, you have the option of unblocking him/her.



 Keep it fun

We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the channels, keep the feedback coming so we can continue to improve our social radio.

 Photo credit: Jim Pickering

Comments (4)

  1. Channel Happiness topic attracted me to share some experience…

    It’s about attitude, actually. Some people just don’t care about others. They just speak and spit whatever their like, and they don’t care about other members feeling. These type of people always end up yelling and shouting alone as nobody want to reply his/her transmission.

    Some people can accept if other members told him about his/her mistakes and straight away transmitting apology’s words that cold down the heat. These kind of people actually is a person that really want to improve themselves. Most of them end up treated with full respects and honor by channel members.

    Human make mistakes and everybody knows it. Begging for apologize from others doesn’t make us down, it just putting back ourselves onto the right track of pride and honor.

    As a channels moderator, yesterday, I’ve made a decision to temporary blocking one new member of our channels after three weeks of receiving too many reports and complaints about the him. It’s actually a very hard and tough decision. The feelings of sadness, sympathy and anger melted together, inside.

    Most channels members advised our unofficial council to block him. Within that period, we have tried one-to-one talk him, advised him in the channels while others listening and even face to face with him but still not working. Then, the council asked me to push that blocking button, unblock him after he willing to submit an apology to all channels members though out the channels.

    This guy was very angry, contacted me one-to-one, threatening and scolding me about this matter. I’ve explained everything and he refused to except it. Without saying ‘sorry’ or any apology kind of sentences, he just hang off.

    For fellow Zello citizens out there, please do some thinking before talking, don’t let others feel annoyed. Making this kind of decisions is a very tough job for all Zello moderators!!!

    Comment by DVT kechubong — June 13, 2012 @ 10:20 pm

  2. helko

    Comment by rule — July 11, 2012 @ 10:17 am

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    Comment by rule — July 11, 2012 @ 10:18 am

  4. hello,berry good application

    Comment by rule — July 11, 2012 @ 10:25 am

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