The moment you’ve all been waiting for — Zello for iPhone preview!

By Alexey Gavrilov on February 24, 2012

Hi everyone!  Teresa Amador here. I’m the (new) Marketing Associate at Zello and I’ll be popping in to blog every once in a while.

A lot of you have been asking about Zello for iPhone…and I’m here to tell you “look no further! I downloaded the beta version of Zello on my iPhone last week and I love it!” I put together a short video with my friend Maura to show you what the app looks like so far and how you can use it to make communication with friends faster and easier. It will also be available for our Zello @Work solution. Check out the preview on our YouTube channel:

Zello for iPhone Preview

In short, our developers are slaving away to get you the app as soon as humanly possible.  We’re planning to submit to Apple in the next few weeks and then release shortly after. It’s gonna be great.

And in response to a few questions I’ve been hearing: Yes, with the help of Zello, I did indeed arrive at DFW on time to successfully pick up my friend. Thank you for your concern.

Over and out


Zello on Fire: Push-to-Talk and the New Hampshire Fire Radio

By Alexey Gavrilov on February 23, 2012

John Marcel of Concord, New Hampshire calls himself a Fire Buff. What is that? “That’s my hobby and my career and pretty much my life—just ask my wife, she’ll tell you,” says Marcel. Outside of his career at Concord Fire Dispatch, Marcel spends his free time working with NH Fire Radio, a small community of buffs who make it their business to broadcast conditions of nearby New England fires. Says Marcel, “2-Alarm fire, 3-Alarm fire, 4-Alarm fire…the bigger the number the bigger the more complex the fire and you need that many trucks to come in and help out.”

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Zello vs Loudtalks Products

By Bill Moore on February 22, 2012

Loudtalks is now Zello. As explained in Hello, Zello, we revamped everything including the products and pricing.

Here we share why a few product alignment changes .

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Big list of names (3 of 3)

By Bill Moore on February 22, 2012

After reading [Hello, Zello], some of you wanted to know what names we looked at before deciding on Zello. Here’s the entire list of names for your reading pleasure.

Ready? Be warned … over 1000 names here.

Bip 3  2alk 2quick 2speak 2talk 2talk2u 2talk2you 2Tell 2WAY GOSSIP 2wayHey! Read the rest of this entry »

Ze-logo (2 of 3)

By Bill Moore on February 22, 2012

After weeks of brainstorming, narrowing and testing, we had a company name everyone loved. Now, we needed to claim online identities.

First step was the domain. We contacted the owner of, a friendly fellow who was enthusiastic about what we were doing. Two days before Christmas, he accepted $2500 (plus free push-to-talk service for life). By then, we trusted each other enough, so we skipped escrow.

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Say hello to Zello. How we picked the name (1 of 3)

By Bill Moore on February 21, 2012

Why change?

The team agreed it was time to scale the company and Loudtalks didn’t fit the brand we wanted to create. Not enough people smiled when we said, “Loudtalks.”   Changing names is messy and means delaying other need.

If you are interested in the details of how we made the change, read on.

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New Name, Headquarters and CEO

By Bill Moore on February 20, 2012

Although this blog has been quiet for a few months, we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Here’s what has been happening:

  • Loudtalks is now named Zello.
  • We’re rebranding products.
  • Zello is based in Dallas with teams in Russia and Texas — both growing.

Hi, my name is Bill Moore,  the CEO of Zello.

After a hard look at the market and our technology, I’m grateful for Alex and the team inviting me. We’ve all worked together at TuneIn which is the top global mobile radio app company. I am TuneIn’s founder, was CEO  and remain on their board.

The Zello team created the first mobile app that replaces two-way radio. It’s time to scale this start up into a great business. Stay tuned to this blog, and connect with us at and

You can reach me on