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Loudtalks Lite

May 5, 2010

Loudtalks Lite is a stable release, which will be distributed using automatic updates function.

Release notes:

All platforms

  1. [fix] Improved channel search usability and stability
  2. [fix] History: don't lose the tail of a message during playback
  3. [fix] History: skip 0:00 messages instantly during playback
  4. [fix] PTT button gets disabled when number of online channel users exceeds 10

Windows Mobile

  1. [new] Public channels support
  2. [new] Better algorithm for hotkeys assignment -- if you were not able to assign your PTT to a hardware button on your phone, try it again with this version

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile

Topics: mobile, release, windows

Written by Alexey Gavrilov


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