Loudtalks Lite

By Alexey Gavrilov on April 15, 2010

Loudtalks Lite just got a major update. is an early release featuring public talk channels and only available for desktop platform for now. The next post will discuss public channels feature in details. Here is the complete list of changes in the new version:

All platforms

  1. [new] Italian translation, contributed by Giacomo Girotto
  2. [new] Chinese translation, contributed by 施宗杰 (JieJie)
  3. [update] Updated Swedish, Romanian and Czech translations (kudos to Leif Larsson, Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu, and Ondřej Verzich)
  4. [fix] Handling of concurrent incoming messages
  5. [fix] Fixed playback of new message / new conversation notifications


  1. [new] Public talk channels
  2. [new] Added View > History… menu command to show the messages history for all contacts
  3. [fix] Random crash in VOX mode

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile