Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile

By Alexey Gavrilov on July 20, 2009

This is a maintainance release, which includes the following changes:

  1. [fix] Support for VGA+ devices
  2. [new] Improved soft buttons use — moved menu to the right button, reserving the left one for context-dependent actions (“PTT” on contacts screen, “Play” — on history)
  3. [fix] History was hard to use on devices without touch screen

This is also the first mobile release to be distributed using automatic updates feature. Please report if automatic update didn’t work as expected.

Download Loudtalks for Windows Mobile


By Alexey Gavrilov on July 7, 2009

A minor Loudtalks Lite update is published today.

Release notes


  1. [new] Automatic updates configuration. You can select one of three modes — Download automatically (default), Notify only and Disable
  2. [new] Recording and playback level adjustment. Use this option if Loudtalks volume is too low or too loud. This control should be used with caution because if you set volume too high, it’ll cause sound “clipping” and bad artifacts.

Windows Mobile

  1. [new] Automatic updates support
  2. [new] Recording and playback level adjustment.
  3. [fix] Distorted graphics and icons in 320×320 and 320×240 modes
  4. [new] Automatic scrolling when the UI form doesn’t fit into device screen

Loudtalks for Windows
Loudtalks for Windows Mobile

Known issues

  1. The current Windows Mobile build doesn’t display correctly on VGA and higher-resolution screens. The issue will be addressed in the next release. In the interim users with hi-res screens may use Loudtalks (download .cab)
  2. AT&T Tilt users are not able to assign device’s PTT button as a hotkey in Loudtalks. If you have this device and want to help fixing this issue please contact us at support@loudtalks.com
  3. Some users report that Loudtalks can’t capture sound on their HTC-made Windows Mobile phone (HTC Touch and other models). We weren’t able to reproduce or isolate this issue yet. If you experience it, please contact us.
  4. When running Loudtalks under Linux on WINE, you must disable notification sounds, otherwise it crashes on the incoming message.