Loudtalks Lite

By Alexey Gavrilov on May 23, 2009

Another big update of the mobile version, which improves reliability and makes Loudtalks play nice with non-touchscreen Windows Mobile devices.

Release notes


  1. [fix] Notifications showed up sometimes, even when turned off in settings
  2. [fix] Line selection didn’t work with Realtek HD Audio sound cards

Windows Mobile

  1. [new] Contacts authorization alert (green flag) is clickable now
  2. [new] Display tray notification for incoming and outgoing transmissions when Loudtalks is running in the background
  3. [new] Support for smartphones without touchscreen
  4. [new] Support for low-res screens (as little as 170×220)
  5. [new] Faster re-connect after network interruptions when using mobile data connection
  6. [fix] Keys auto-repeat caused incorrect operation of push-to-talk button on some devices

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Windows Mobile downloads

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