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Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile

March 14, 2009

The new version of Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile is available for download.

Release notes

  1. Power saving mode ("Turn off screen" menu option). When you select this option device screen turns off, while Loudtalks keeps running so you can receive messages and respond to them using central navigation key.
  2. Vibrate option (if supported by device). It's turned on by default so when you set your status to Away or Busy your device will vibrate on new messages. You can turn it off in Settings.
  3. Report a problem... menu option. If something doesn't work you can send us a report right from the software. (Hint: even if everything works please use it to send your feedback or suggestions!)
  4. Activate contact list, when switching to Loudtalks from other applications. Now you can use push-to-talk without tapping contact list first.
  5. Automatically select the contact, when new conversation starts. That way when you hear "New conversation" alert, even if your screen is turned off, you can respond immediately by simply pressing PTT hardware button.
  6. Our website will automatically detect Windows Mobile device browser and display a mobile-optimized page so the easiest way to get the new Loudtalks is to visit on your device
  7. Hope you'll enjoy this new release. Please report back how it works and share your ideas on how could we make it better.

Topics: beta, mobile, release, windows

Written by Alexey Gavrilov


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