We’re back

By Alexey Gavrilov on March 23, 2009

Maintenance works are completed and all services are running normally again.

Scheduled maintainance (Monday, March 23, 1AM-2AM EST)

By Alexey Gavrilov on March 23, 2009

This Monday, March 23 from 1 AM till 2 AM EST we are performing scheduled database maintenance. During that time Loudtalks accounts registration won’t be available and a some users might not be able to log in to their accounts. We’ll post an notice in the blog as soon as the work is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at support@loudtalks.com

Loudtalks Lite

By Alexey Gavrilov on March 20, 2009

This is unplanned follow-up release, which resolves crash issue we thought we’ve fixed in It affected both desktop and mobile versions so if you experienced Loudtalks crashes be sure to update to this version.

Release notes

  1. Fixed random crash, and connection issues for the users, who connect over TCP
  2. Added “Use TCP connection only” option to Windows Mobile build

Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows
Download Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile

Loudtalks Lite for Windows

By Alexey Gavrilov on March 17, 2009

Updated desktop version of Loudtalks is available for download.

Changes list

  1. Fixed random crash when connected over TCP
  2. Disable running multiple copies of Loudtalks simultaneously by default. Added new checkbox to the Options to enable it back if you need.
  3. Added Swedish localization, contributed by Leif Larsson. Not only he translated Loudtalks to Swedish but also helped refining English text both in the software and the site, and suggested many valuable improvements to the software (like the item above and some other things still in work). Tack, Leif!

Download Loudtalks Lite

Running Loudtalks with Wine

By Alexey Gavrilov on March 16, 2009

If you use Linux you can run Loudtalks using fantastic piece of software called WINE. Wine offers Windows compatibility layer on various platforms and generally works really well. There are a couple of issues that you should be aware of:

  1. Get the latest version of WINE (at least 1.1.16). Earlier releases might not work.
  2. Turn off alert sounds. To do that go to Tools > Options… Alerts tab and uncheck both checkboxes. If you don’t do that, then after the first message received Loudtalks becomes unstable and eventually crashes. We are working to have that fixed
  3. Global hotkeys (i.e F7 and Ctrl-F7) don’t work. We don’t know how to fix that yet so if you have a tip please let us know!
  4. Auto-away doesn’t work — triggers immediately.

Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile

By Alexey Gavrilov on March 14, 2009

The new version of Loudtalks Lite for Windows Mobile is available for download.

Release notes

  1. Power saving mode (“Turn off screen” menu option). When you select this option device screen turns off, while Loudtalks keeps running so you can receive messages and respond to them using central navigation key.
  2. Vibrate option (if supported by device). It’s turned on by default so when you set your status to Away or Busy your device will vibrate on new messages. You can turn it off in Settings.
  3. Report a problem… menu option. If something doesn’t work you can send us a report right from the software. (Hint: even if everything works please use it to send your feedback or suggestions!)
  4. Activate contact list, when switching to Loudtalks from other applications. Now you can use push-to-talk without tapping contact list first.
  5. Automatically select the contact, when new conversation starts. That way when you hear “New conversation” alert, even if your screen is turned off, you can respond immediately by simply pressing PTT hardware button.
  6. Our website will automatically detect Windows Mobile device browser and display a mobile-optimized page so the easiest way to get the new Loudtalks is to visit loudtalks.com on your device
  7. Hope you’ll enjoy this new release. Please report back how it works and share your ideas on how could we make it better.